Nesbitt Baptist Missions

NBC Missions & Evangelism Team Members:

Sheri Fugler, Alton Fugler, Lisa Seeley, Patricia Barrett, Wayne Harris, Toby Eckenrode, Zoe Dupree, Katherine Hargiss, Cindy Skinner, Scott Seeley

Mission Statement:  

PRAY Passionately, GIVE Sacrificially, and GO Intentionally for the glory of God.

Challenge for NBC Members:

Here are five different ways you can get involved with NBS Missions & Evangelism Team:

  • Invite friends and family.
    • Personally share the gospel and look for ways to intersect your non-Christian friend and family with the church family.
  • Invest your resources. 
    • Steward your time and money by investing in local and global outreach efforts.
  • Involve yourself in evangelism locally and globally.
    • Join or support short-term missions teams and long-term missionaries.
  • Inform your worldview.
    • Attend classes/seminars on how to share our faith and impact the world.
  • Intercede through prayer.
    • Come to God individually and corporately by praying the gospel will spread for God’s glory.

Upcoming Opportunities:

  • Martha’s Kitchen (Community Soup Kitchen at Trinity Episcopal Church):  NBC will have a team to provide the meat and 2 sides, and serve the meal on 10/24.  Volunteers are needed and donations are being accepted to purchase food.
  • Mission Marshall Food Pantry:  Food Pantry Needs:  Spaghetti Noodles, White Rice, Canned Fruit, Plastic Bags.  2019 Food Pantry Volunteer Dates: 9/7, 11/2. 
  • Mission Marshall Brainstorm:  Volunteers Needed:  Adult volunteers read with 2nd graders at PTY     Elementary for 30-min/week for 8 weeks.
  • Operation Christmas Child:  In the fall we will begin collecting items to fill shoeboxes to be shared with orphanages across the world.
  • Pray for future local and international mission opportunities that God would lead us to.
  • COMING SOON:  ETBU Church Day:  NBC will team with Bethesda Baptist Church on 8/21 to serve pulled pork sandwiches and pass out toiletry blessing bags to new and returning ETBU students.  Volunteers are needed and donations are being accepted.  
  • COMING SOON:  Fall Festival 2019 – Oct 26th 
  • PRAISE THE LORD!  VBS 2019 was a huge success – June 3-7!

Support Missions via Offerings:

  • Annie Armstrong Easter Offering to support NAMB Missions (Spring)
  • Lottie Moon Christmas Offering to support International Missions (Winter)
  • Mary Hill Davis Offering to support Texas Missions (Summer)